12 Important Lessons From 2020

Wow, 2020 was one heck of a year, with SO MANY lessons. Here are some of the hardest lessons I learned each month during 2020.

1. Success does not happen overnight

The first of 2020, and one of the hardest. I had to learn that to get what I wanted, I had to put actual work into something. No matter how much I wished that whatever I wanted would just come to me, it didn’t. Wishing and doing are two completely different things. Doing small actions overtime will create success, and that is not something that happens overnight.

2. You need to actually show up to get what you want

Many of the lessons I learned had to do with both business and life, so let's look at the business side of this lesson first. There are two parts of a business, one part where you are working everything behind the scenes, and another where you are working in the front desk. For something to work, you must work both. This works for things in life too, if you want something, you must work on yourself (the back of the business - things that people do not see) and the front (doing all the tangible things - things that everyone sees). The second you show up in both areas is when you will see the most results and growth.

3. Consuming Vs. Creating

I learned in 2020 that I spent so much time consuming instead of creating. God has created us to be the consumers and creators of His word. I got tired of consuming all the time, and flipped the switch to creating. I decided to consume His word, and then create content and ways to share it. It has been so much fun creating, and connecting with others through social media!

4. Quit the comparison trap

Ahh yes, the comparison trap, the place where many of us find ourselves stuck. You know that thing where you sit there and wonder why someone else is 'better' than you? QUIT THAT. There were so many times towards the beginning of the year that I looked at someone else and compared myself to them, wondering why I didn’t have what they worked for. Finally, I flipped that switch and stopped the comparison, and looked at what they did and figured out how I could do that too. Also know that God created us all to be different, so there should be no comparing one person to another.

5. No journey is completely straight

Enjoy every up and down of your journey because no journey is perfectly straight. It does not matter what you do. Always remember that what goes down must come back up again. My journey has not been straight, and full of so many ups and downs. I had so many low and high days, as well as success and failure. As soon as I realized that, is the second that I stopped beating myself up for the bad days, and started embracing them because they come along with the journey.

7. The world can change in an instant, if you want it to or not

I think this is a lesson that all of us learned the hard way, the good ol’ rona taught all of us this one the hard way. We were all taught that we do not have complete control over our lives or the world. You have to be able to think on your feet and make changes in an instant, and control what you are able to control.

8. Sometimes things that you thought would stay, are really not meant to be

Just trust in God's plan. There were things in 2020 that went away, but amazing things came in their place. I realized that those things that went away were not meant to be, and I am forever thankful that they are no longer a part of my life. At the time, it was very disappointing and ground shaking, but the second I realized God had different plans (that were better), was when things finally turned around

9. Those who do not give up are the ones who are 10 steps further than you

God has taught me this one multiple times along my journey. There were so many times when I thought about quitting, and then I was reminded that if I did quit then I would get 10 steps behind everyone else. Each time something went downhill and it was hard to pick myself up again, I had to remind myself that quitting will get me nowhere.

10. Good things come along when you least expect

Definitely 10000% true. I seriously do not know how many times I needed to relearn and remind myself of this specific lesson. It was one of those that often took me off guard. This year was possibly one of the least expected, best years ever. I met the love of my life in a season of my life and the world, when I thought it would be impossible. Seriously though, God does work miracles when you least expect it.

11. Rest is important, but do not confuse it with a break

Rest is so important, but oftentimes we confuse it with taking a break. When you rest, it means that you are taking time to refill your cup and recharge. It is an active action while a "break" is not. Taking a break means that you are simply not putting work into anything and letting the time go by. Throughout this year, I've confused the two concepts quite often and convinced myself that I was resting when I was really taking a break.

12. Lessons repeat themselves, during different seasons and in different ways

As I am writing this, in the twelfth lesson and season of this year, I have learned that lessons will repeat themselves. They may come in different seasons of your life, and repeat themselves in different ways but all of them are there to make you stronger. God does not give you anything that you can not handle.


Overall, 2020 was seriously one heck of an amazing year. I chose to look at the growth instead of looking at the destruction or negative things. I know those things are happening in the background, but the growth and change that happened this year has been so glorious. What you focus on grows. Focus on the good things, and good things will come to you.

I encourage you in 2021 to make sure you are looking at the positive, brighter side of things, and your perspective will completely change.

So hats off to you 2020, you have been amazingly perfect in every single way.

Always have

Grit. Grace. Gratitude.

- Shyann

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