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Back in high school I had a dream to become a marine biologist. I was fascinated with fish, tide pools, sharks, and anything in the ocean. My high school offered an awesome class called marine biology and of course I had to take it. We did everything from dissections to taking field trips out to the beach to look at tide pools. This class literally had ‘me’ written all over it, and I loved it. But it also gave me an eye-opening experience.

We watched a documentary and learned about how badly out ocean was polluted. Billions of pounds of plastic harm our ocean. As you may already know, plastic truly never decomposes. It will always be there. In the oceans, often plastic eventually breaks apart into small parts and the animals at the bottom of the food chain eat that thinking its food. Then the animal that eats the first animal has now unknowingly eaten plastic, eventually working its way all the way up our food chain to us. Yes, we are inadvertently eating plastic.

The whole experience was very eye opening. I had no idea that we were harming our oceans at all. I had absolutely no idea that this was an issue, and I am very grateful that I took the class and learned about it. In the end it truly inspired me to watch what I use and reduce my plastic consumption, and through that I have found some amazing brands that are doing this so well.

I started small and researched what deodorant I could use that was plastic free or low plastic, and I found a brand called Myro. It comes with these cute reusable cases and the packaging is all recyclable. The bonus is that the deodorant is also clean and free of aluminum (which is very bad for you). They have a bunch of different scents to choose from and my favorite is called solar flare.

A few years before I started intentionally reducing my plastic waste, I stumbled across a brand on Kickstarter called Final Straw which was a reusable, foldable straw. My mind was literally blown because this thing was so awesome. I am not one to invest in things on Kickstarter so I soon forgot about that product and moved on. Eventually I saw it again and this time they had launched and had some success with it. Obviously, I had to jump on it right away because it was such an awesome idea. Long story short I love it, and its always on my keychain ready for use. They have even launched some final cutlery (final straw meets cutlery), final wipes (plastic free sanitizing wipes), the biggie straw and more! I love this brand so much that they have gifted me with a code to share with you guys when you purchase from them to save you money! The code is ShyannT10

Along my journey I also discovered a makeup wipe that is washable + reusable. As someone who hates makeup remover wipes because of the amount of waste this was perfect. I thought about it a while and finally jumped on this one because of the amount of money I would save in the long run from not having to buy makeup remover wipes. I got the 7-day set because when I wear makeup, I usually don’t wear a whole lot so I didn’t see the need to buy a full sized one just yet. And of course, the second I used it I fell in love. It helped remove a large portion of my makeup with no issues. Eventually I combined it with my favorite clean makeup remover balm, and it was the BOMB. Recently they gifted me a code for you guys to use to save money on your makeup remover wipes. The code it MUE10 Enjoy!

This feels like a never-ending list, but I have two more that I need to point out. The next one is a completely plastic free toothpaste. I will choose this over regular toothpaste any day now because it is both plastic free and free of gross chemicals! The brand is called Bite, and they have been CRUSHING it in the land of toothpaste. Not only do they not use plastic at all anywhere, but they also ship their products more sustainably than other major brands. Recently they came out with a tooth whitening paste and I have been obsessed. It is the only plastic free tooth whitening paste out there and it works so well! They have toothpaste for adults and fun flavors for kids too, and you can even replace every single tooth product you have in your bathroom with their products with one simple kit.

The final brand that recently started becoming even more sustainable than before is my haircare and skincare brand. If you know me, you know that I love brands that use clean products, and this brand is a combination of both the clean ingredients but works like salon products. They use leading technology and have a board of scientists that develop all their products. There is no other brand like theirs. When I say that I love it I mean it, my hair has grown about an inch since the last time I got my haircut (3 weeks ago) and it has never grown this fast ever before. Not only am I obsessed with the haircare, I also love the skincare. My skin has never felt better or been clearer for as long as I can remember. Recently they added a program where you can ship in your old bottles for free to be recycled. They also have another program that you can send in old clothes, house items, etc in the box you get your products, and they will send them to charities for you for free. Then the other day, they also introduced eco-friendly refillable packets for your bottles! If you are interested or want to know more let me know and I can give you all the details and even a 15% off!

Reducing my plastic consumption has been a goal of mine for a long time, and I took it one product at a time. I plan on updating this list as I find more products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. I have a few more that are still in ‘testing mode’ but once I officially review them, then I will let you guys know what I think! Let me know if you have tried any of these and what you think of them!

Here are the codes:

Final Straw -> ShyannT10

Makeup Eraser -> MUE10

Hair & Skincare -> Contact me to get the 15% off

Always have

Grit. Grace. Gratitude.

- Shyann

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