Quarantine Date Night Ideas

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

With COVID-19 (the good ol’ rona), it is really hard to get out and have a true date night because everything always seems to be locked down all the time. Here are some simple and fun date night ideas that me and my boyfriend have enjoyed.

Fun Fact: We met right around the start of the corona thing (right around when quarantine was started) so we are quarantine date night pros ;)

Paint Night - This one we both enjoyed a lot, and was not too terribly expensive. I grabbed some easels from a local craft store, cheap canvas, acrylic paints and paint brushes. It was super fun to be creative together, and bring out our 'artsy' side.

If you are going to do this, I highly recommend finding coupons for your local craft store, and buying the cheapest things you can find (if you are on a budget). Once we are done making our paintings, we plan on hanging them in our future house together to remind each other of the fun time that we had making them. Plus it will give our house decorations a little bit more of a personal touch.

Movie Night - Grab some popcorn, candy, a comfy spot and sit down and snack while you watch your favorite movies! We each had a long list of movies and TV shows that the other had not seen before, so this was always our chance to catch up on everything we hadn’t seen! Streaming services make it easy to find lots of movies.

Our favorite movies + TV shows so far have been:

  • The Good Place - It has a bit of comedy but also gets addicting the more you watch it

  • Stranger Things - This one is so good. I typically don’t like ‘scary’ movies or shows but we are both obsessed. I highly recommend it if you haven't seen this one yet.

  • Encino Man - A classic. This one is a really funny movie about a caveman that got unthawed (and I won’t say anymore so I don't give away the whole movie)

  • Grimm - One of my personal favorites. It is based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tales and is based and filmed in Portland Oregon. It is a crime show (one of my favorites)

Hiking - This one is a bit dependent on weather, and location, but is also a lot of fun. Going on a hike or walk allows for lots of talking, and even possibly communication depending on how difficult the hike is. Anytime there is more communication it is a really good thing.

The first time we met we went on a hike! My pup happens to love to go on walks, hikes, (he just loves to be next to me in general), and this was a fun way to get his energy out and also have time with each other.

Shooting - If you believe in the second amendment right, and can find ammo, this one has been one of our top favorites! Of course with ammo being scarce it is somewhat hard to do unless you have a stash somewhere, or can find some.

Another fun fact just for fun: This was actually our second ‘date’ that we went on! Afterwards we sat in a 2 hour fast food line, because the food there is just that good.

Devotionals - For us, this has been a great time to have deeper conversations, and become closer to God while becoming closer to each other. We have been doing our devotionals once a week (just because it works best in our schedule), and when we do them we usually find a quiet place so we can discuss the topics.

So far we have gone through two devotionals and loved them both. They are:

  • Before you say “I do”, by H. Norman Wright - Slightly more geared towards married or engaged couples, but that is what we plan on doing someday, and it still has lots of really good deep conversation topics that also look towards the future.

  • Devotionals for Dating Couples, by Ben Young & Dr. Samuel Adams - This one was a really good icebreaker for us. It has lots of good questions and conversation topics for couples just getting to know each other or building a relationship.

Pizza Night - One of my favorites because it involves pizza! We both happen to really like pizza, and it has been so much fun to make it together! You can do this, and or make other foods. For both of us, it has been so much fun to practice our cooking skills and communication.

I found a super simple dough recipe online, and that is what we use to make the pizza, and then loaded it with our favorite toppings. Pro tip: Pizza sauce, a little bit of cheese, toppings, and then the rest of the cheese (you’ll thank me later).

I hope you have enjoyed all of these date night ideas! Let me know if you have tried any or if it is helpful. I am so excited to hear back! Let me know what other fun date nights you have done while in quarantine!

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- Shyann

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