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Who Am I?

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Welcome! I'm so glad you are here! I've been thinking and praying about this whole thing for a while and I'm so excited to start this journey!

First of all I am from Oregon, a dog & cat mom, photographer, and believer in Christ. I have an Aussie pup, and tuxedo mix cat that I love very much, and a small photography business called Unleashed Raw Images. On top of that all, I am running a little side shampoo business! I decided to start blogging because I felt the pull to do something big with my Instagram to expand my platform. I prayed about it for a while and thought that I would start talking about relationships as my "big thing", but that didn't feel quite right. After talking to a few other people, I finally figured out that my "big thing" was to start a blog, so here I am!

With this whole lifestyle blogging thing, I'd like to talk about all my favorite things, from my fur babies, all the way to my loving & Christ filled relationship with my amazing boyfriend (love you babe). I'm not perfect but I'd like to share some of my favorite tips, and struggles with everything I've gone through relationship-wise along with some of my favorite tips and hacks for some of my other hobbies. My goal is to release a new post weekly.

The focus of the blog is grit, grace, and gratitude.

  • Grit - Helps keep you going through everything. It's what is left when the energetic emotions are gone. It is essential for moments when things do not go as planned.

  • Grace - What pushes you past every single mistake. God gave you grace to forgive your sins.

  • Gratitude - This one is my favorite because it means to give back and goes a step beyond thankfulness. Use and practice gratitude in everything that you do.

I'm so excited to have you join me on this journey, and I'd love to hear your thoughts about topics you want me to cover. I've got a few ideas that I can't wait to release! Don't forget to hit the follow button on my Instagram, subscribe if you haven't yet, and say hello!

Always have

Grit. Grace. Gratitude.

- Shyann

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