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Can I Give My Cat My Asthma Inhaler

Most cats will need 1-2 weeks of oral medication to control their initial case of asthma so that time can be used to help your cat accept the inhaler. Your veterinarian will demonstrate safe and correct use of the inhaled medications and the aerosol chamber. Instructions for administration of. Administering Inhaled Medication for Feline Asthma Albutero l, an inhaled medication that reduces inflammation in the lungs and widens breathing passages, can be administered through an inhaler for the treatment of feline asthma. Your vet will prescribe an Aerokat, which is a type of bronchial inhaler designed for use on cats.

There are two main types of treatment to manage asthma in cats – anti-inflammatory drugs such as corticosteroids to reduce the inflammation which leads to the symptoms, and bronchodilator medication which helps to widen a feline’s air passage when needed. Antihistamine drugs may also be used when cats haven’t responded to other treatments.

Can I Give My Cat My Asthma Inhaler - Discount Place

Can I Give My Cat My Asthma Inhaler - Discount Place

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